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August 8, 2008.

The Concerned Parishioners of St. Stanislaus Kostka are overjoyed at the results of the hearing yesterday in St. Louis Circuit Court. The judge is not allowing a vote to occur on the NEW by-laws that Mr. Marek Bozek and his group had drafted to replace our existing by-laws. Mr. Bozek's group took all references to a Roman Catholic Church out of the by-laws. That would allow them to affiliate with whatever church they would be interested in affiliating with. We want to stay Roman Catholic.

Although there will be a vote allowed for new board members, this is a temporary resolution. The lawsuit continues and progresses because we, the Concerned Parishioners, wish it to. We want to stay Roman Catholic and want was afforded to us in the 1800's as independent operators. This will continue with the assistance of the Archdiocese. Our next hearing is
September 2nd. What transpired yesterday was that the judge ruled that Mr.Bozek's group COULD NOT change the by-laws and vote upon them.

Mr. Bozek and his group have their own agenda. The BOD was split in removing him as our pastor, at parishioner's request, so he decided to present the vote to desolve the BOD, which split again 3-3. Mr. Bozek then cast the deciding vote to desolve the BOD and is now wishing the changes to the by-laws and having 6 new BOD voted upon to replace the BOD that was split in his removal. The Concerned Parishioners wish for St. Stanislaus to remain Roman Catholic and the way we were allowed to independently manager ourselves. The Archdiocese is assisting us in reunification of the two Polish groups as well as having committed to Fr. Michael Marchlewski, S.J., M.A., S.T.L. being our pastor/administrator.

Please pass this detail on to all you know that may be interested, especially if they do not have internet access.

Thank you for your continued support. Please continue to pray for us as this lawsuit and process continues.

Richard Bach
Official Spokeman for the Concerned Parishioners of St. Stanislaus Kostka
Cell: 314.504.5131

April 20, 2008
The Right Path

On Thursday April 10, 2008, during the meeting with the board of directors, Fr. Bozek agreed with Mr. Szramkowski and my suggestions to start a new dialogue with Archbishop Burke. The only condition that Fr. Bozek mentioned was to seek if the parishioners would agree with a new dialogue. Fr. Bozek pointed out that the BODs received a mandate from the parishioners to bring a Roman Catholic priest to the parish. Now Fr. Bozek says the BODs should also have a mandate from the parishioners to speak with Archbishop Burke. 

In the late summer of 2005, the BODs asked parishioners if they want to mandate that the BODs hire a Roman Catholic priest to preside over St. Stanislaus Kostka Roman Catholic Church. The BODs received this mandate. 

A short time later, Fr. Bozek’s new visions came out into the open. Fr. Bozek’s teachings are not only impermissible in our parish, but are contrary to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. That is why Archbishop Burke started a laicization process for Fr. Bozek. Since Fr. Bozek cannot lead us by Roman Catholic teachings and is openly against Roman Catholic teachings and theology, the BODs should immediately seek the help of Archbishop Burke to reinstate an Archdiocesan Roman Catholic priest to our parish. That is the mandate the parishioners gave to the BODs in the late summer of 2005.

When Fr. Bozek blessed two women who wanted to be priests, he did not ask the parishioners or even the BODs for guidance and permission. Now, Fr. Bozek suggests that the BODs must seek a mandate from the parishioners to begin a new dialogue with Archbishop Burke to reconcile with the Roman Catholic Church and the Archdiocese. Someone said that this situation is a dark tragedical comedy. There is no such thing as a private representation by a priest who is the pastor of a parish. All public action taken by a pastor is like a mirror which reflects upon the parish. 

Two and a half years ago, the BODs had a mandate to bring a Roman Catholic priest to St. Stanislaus Kostka. The BODs have failed to deliver. We don’t have a Roman Catholic priest. The BODs have a mandate given to them by parishioners and by our bylaws to lead our parish down a Roman Catholic path. 

As to the letter to Archbishop Burke which the BODs agreed to send, to seek, to start a new dialogue: 
A. The letter should only ask for a date convenient for both parties. 
B. The letter should be written unconditionally.
C. The letter should be open to all parishioners so that the parishioners know who wrote the letter and the contents of the letter.
D. As one senior parishioner said, „The letter should be humble.”

The dialogue should be sincere, seeking help to resolve our problems. No petty excuses should be sufficient to stop and discontinue the dialogue with Archbishop Burke. The BODs already has a mandate given to them by parishioners, and by our bylaws, to make decisions. If for any reason, the BODs feel incapable of making decisions, the directors who cannot follow St. Stanislaus’ bylaws and 2005 mandate, should step down and let the remaining directors pick replacements who will go forward to solve our parish’s problems. 

The only lasting peace for our parish will come through dialogue with Archbishop Burke. Saint Stanislaus Kostka church was built as a Roman Catholic Church, and should remain a Roman Catholic Church true to our forefathers. 

Concerned Parishioner,

Edward Florek.

April 10, 2008.

Open Letter to the Board of Directors.

Recently, more and more people are talking and asking questions. Why won’t the BOD go back and speak with Archbishop Burke? The only answer they hear is: We went, we talked, and nothing came from it. That was then. That is history. It was a dispute about property and finances. Now, people have on their mind: the new direction of the parish, the separation from Rome, and the new religion. The parishioners of this parish are eager and anxious to accept Archbishop Burke’s open door policy for the BODs. The parishioners are ready for the BOD to start a new dialogue and to continue with discussions.

Father Tom Doyle, theologian, and expert in canon law, on February 21, 2008, in an email sent to me, recommended that the Board of Directors see what is behind the “open door.” Father Doyle wrote, “I am in favor of a meeting.” 
I as a parishioner, and as a past director, strongly make a suggestion to the present BODs: 
A) Follow Father Doyle’s recommendation.
B) All BOD should unify to seek what is best for the parishioners and the parish.
C) Invite to a BOD’s meeting, one or two theologians, and engage in private discussions to learn about the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope, the local authority, to dismiss the visions of Father Bozek, and to recognize the path of our ancestor’s faith. It is not about individual or any family’s wishes or thoughts. It is about the Universal Church teachings. 
D) Some members of the BODs, have close friends who are priests. Seek their wisdom and truth about the Roman Catholic Faith.
E) I met with Msgr. Gardin twice, as recently as Monday April 7, 2008, Msgr. Gardin extended an invitation to the Chairman and Treasurer of the BODs to act as mediator between them and Archbishop Burke
F) A lot of people are confused about the new religion. The BODs, in a public forum, should inform parishioners about the change in religion if that is the BOD’s intention. You cannot pretend that everything is the same. That nothing has changed. You cannot mislead parishioners. 

There is an American saying. If you want to receive something, you must give something in return. “Give and take.” It takes two sides to discuss and solve problems. Most importantly, it takes wisdom and courage to admit that we have problems. Nothing can be found if we are not looking for the solution. Nothing will be solved by delaying or putting the solution aside. The correct actions and the correct words will unify us with the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of our ancestors. I wish for the BOD’s, the parishioners, and myself to return to our traditions, roots, culture, and for us to come back to the Church our ancestors’ were members of, the Roman Catholic Church.

Concerned Parishioner,

Edward Florek

Monday, March 24, 2008

An Open Letter to Fellow Parishioners of St. Stanislaus Kostka Roman Catholic Church
You Will Not Be The First - This Is Nothing New.

One well-known Roman Catholic priest that wanted a new, modern church, was Martin Luther. He thought that the Roman Catholic Church, with the Pope, was old and needed new life, new teaching, and simply needed to be reformed. In 1517, Luther publicly published his visions on how to improve the Church. Today, his church is far from unified. On the contrary, it is divided into a great number of churches that themselves have schismed from Luther’s church. 

Recently, another well known Roman Catholic priest and a persistent critic of John Paul II, Hans Kung (b. 1928), also called for revision. Kung called for reforms on issues such as papal infallibility, birth control, celibacy for priests, women for priesthood, the priests, bishops, and pope being elected by the people, recognition for homosexuals, freedom for concubines, and more. In one of his many seminars in the 1990’s, after a QA session and applause by his followers, a pastor from a protestant church stood up and said, “It is very nice and uplifting, Professor Kung, that a priest wants to introduce so much reform in his own church. We, Protestants, changed all that you are demanding a long time ago. Please tell me why our churches these days are empty and Catholic churches are full?” Kung was stunned and could not respond. In 2007, he received a life-time achievement award from the Masons.

The visions you hear in our parish are almost identical to Kung’s. In relation to the mandate and majority voting on February 3rd supporting the vision in our parish, we will better understand our priest’s arguments if we acknowledge that the history of our Church is at times looked at selectively. People choose certain aspects of the Church’s history that support their arguments and ignore conflicting historical information. 

Nero, Hitler, Stalin all had the majority of the people behind their visions and decisions. History teaches us that the majority is not always right. One of our own, the Polish author, historian, and philosopher, Waldemar Lysiak, paraphrased a majority as an arithmetic calculation in one sentence, “We should eat crap because millions of flies can not be making a mistake.” 

Do not let Satan lead you, separating you from the rest of the Church. Do not allow yourself to be a single, schismatic group. 

We, the parishioners of St. Stanislaus Kostka Roman Catholic Church, should follow the teaching of our own, the great Pope John Paul II. Stay in the Roman Catholic Church and cultivate the religious traditions of your parents and grandparents. Be faithful to the traditions of your ancestors. Do not be tempted by the devil to take on the task of reforming your own church. The Church needs its parishioners to work in it, improve it, and stay in one family with the Pope and his authority. 

Edward Florek 

From: Liam Connaughton
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2008 5:29:14 PM
Subject: Fr. Marek Bozek.

Fr. Bozek says he will consider joining some other Catholic denomination. This is becoming a dark comedy. Most ethnic Poles are conservative on social issues. How do you think the Poles down at St. Stan's are going to feel when they wake up and find that St. Stan;s is now part of the communion of Utrecht Holland which is by the way notoriously GAY.

Or worse, if it's true that Bozek appeared at the priestess fest over at Rabbi Talve's how are those Poles going to feel when they find out the "other Catholic denomination" is the Women's Ordination Conference.

Very sad, sad situation, especially when I supported your efforts, it is quite clear the parishioners who fought to retain what is theirs now find themselves lumped into the same misfit category as female priests, and supporting gay & lesbian marriages! ….

The Archangel Report

From: Joan McKay
Sent: Sunday, March 23, 2008 12:17:20 PM
Subject: A Sad time for St. Stan Corp.

To Whom,

Easter Sunday, 2008.

It is a sad day for you all. No matter what others say, the Catholic Church has authority over it's members, for the sake of the unity of it's people, and the salvation of their souls. Some one has come in and broken that unity for you. Be advised: your Bishop is acting in the authority given him by the Church, founded by Christ for your good. Return to the Church. Remember: What is bound on earth is bound in heaven.

A sad but prayerful onlooker in Michigan,

From: Mike and Debbie Lukachick
Sent: Sunday, March 9, 2008 5:05:23 PM
Subject: Please remove my previous e-mails.

Father Bozek has duped the people of St. Stanislaus, and is driving everyone off the cliff. He has an agenda, which is at odds with the Catholic Church. I am disappointed that this situation has unfolded. The inmates are running the asylum.

Many members of St. Stanislaus have an open vendetta against Archbishop Burke, to the point that they are automatically against anything he says or does. Please open your eyes. You have lost your direction, and your church. I feel bad for the FAITHFUL members of the congregation, especially the older members who rescued St. Stanislaus 30 years ago, and to all those who have worked to make St. Stanislaus the beautiful facility it is today.

I can no longer support your cause. Please remove my e-mail comments of March 31, 2006, December 30, 2005, and March 10, 2005 from your comments section. I do not want my good name sullied with your bad name.

Mike Lukachick.

Sent: Wednesday, March 5, 2008 2:38:39 PM
Subject: congrats

So after all the hoopla is over and the big ole bad Catholic Church let you go on your way it took you 2 years to lose it all together. Congratulations. 

Bozek has not only taken the church from the original members he has brought a bunch of Catholic Haters fill the pews.

There is a name for the new church Bozek wants to create.. Its called Lutherans.

In the end Burke looks like the saint and Bozek the anti Christ.. Good luck and good riddance....

Hurrah for St. Stanislaus and Fr. Bozek...
Janis Fitschen
Monday, February 25, 2008 8:38:58 AM

You are brave people. Perhaps you could join the Eastern right?? Hurrah for Fr. Bozek. Sometimes you just have to take a stand.
This does not cause me "pain" (Burke's words) it give me hope that perhaps other Catholics will take a stand on issues that need to be changed.
Janis Fitschen,
New Berlin, WI.

Saturday, December 29, 2007 2:33:18 PM
Subject: To the wonderful people of St. Stan's:

I am a former resident of St.Louis, I have children and grandchildren living there. I have kept up with the problems of your parish and Raymond Burke and I think that your parish is right to go against the will of this so called man of God.

I met Burke several years ago at a mass for McBride H.S. alumni, he gave a speech and I thought he was a good choice to run the diocese of St.Louis. My opinion has changed greatly I now seem him as a person filled with himself and his POWER. He is acting out of greed and not out of what may be good for St.Louis and St. Stan's.

I have resided in the Orlando, Fl area for 16 years, but my heart and feelings are in my home town. I do hope this problem will get resolved and Burke will come to his senses as to what is right and not solely out of greed. 

May God Bless the fine people of St.Stan's and that a resolution will be soon. And if not keep doing what is right.

M. J. Hammer.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006 7:14:59 PM

I became aware of your parish and its circumstances through Senator John Danforth’s new book, Faith and Politics.

Senator Danforth emphasizes the need for all people of faith to be reconcilers, not dividers – that we all recall with humility that no mortal is exclusively possessed of God’s truth. It is right that we act in accordance with the dictates of our conscience and our understanding of God’s will, but we should not be dismissive of those who may in good faith disagree with it.

I left the Catholic Church as a teenager 35 years ago in obedience to my own conscience, having a view of the Lord’s word and scripture that was more in consonance with the independence of many bible believing Christian denominations. At a funeral a few weeks ago for a close high school friend, a recent convert to Catholicism, imagine my surprise at being invited and welcomed to communion along with several other friends who worship with me at a local Christian church. As a matter of policy they welcome Christian guests to participate.

It is sad that a figure with the stature of an archbishop cannot find a more inclusive and less dismissive way to disagree with people of faith who obviously want to be part of a long religious tradition. Money is money and faith has little to do with it. 

I wish you well.

Paul Meisel


"Patricia Meyer" <

Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 11:16:48 -0500. 

If the Catholic Church has excommunicated St. Stanislaus Koskas Church, its Priest and its People, then the building and its property is of no interest to Bishop Burke and holds the same position as say a local grocery store. Let them be. It is all about money and this Catholic says, "let them worship as they wish and preserve their building because Bishop Burke only wants to tear it down and make money." 

From: "joan kiburz" <
Subject: St. Stan's LIVES!!!!! 
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2006 11:03:02 -0500 

Bill and I just returned from the Palm Sunday Mass at St. Stan's.We have worshiped at great liturgies around the world...from St. Peter's Basilica in Rome to the SLU College Church to OLOL, our own fine parish. Never have we experienced a finer service. We started outside church and Father Marek led the procession with palms. It gave me an opportunity to "work the room." By the time we were all seated, the Church was filled with at least 500pax. I did not recognize one person. Rather than being sad that none of my friends were there I was overjoyed. These are the people of the parish. Solidarity is something the Polish people know all about. Between the Nazis and the Communists, they certainly have experienced oppression. Did Archbishop Burke really think that he could close their church and then tell them that they're mortal sinning if they receive the Eucharist at St. Stan's? WRONG AGAIN!
We truly felt the joy of Palm Sunday today!
Joan Kiburz

Sun, 26 Mar 2006 20:52:24 -0800 (PST) 
From: "Bernard Janecki" <>
Subject: St. Stans. 

Have the Catholic hierarchy lost their minds. They have a double standard. When it came time to vote against late term abortions My understanding was that the Cardinal of the Mass. archdiocese talked to Ted Kennedy personally that he not vote supporting late term abortions. Ted voted to support late term abortions. Why you may ask the church when he took an anti catholic stance why he was not excommunicated. Was there money involved there. The church is broken and none knows how to fix it.

Regards, Bernard.

From: Big D
Sent: Friday, January 27, 2006 1:32 PM

Dear Roman Catholic Rebels:
This letter to the editor has been in numerous newspapers - Arcadia Newsleader - Arcadia WI, ... and Winona Daily News - Winona MN. The LaCrosse Diocese would not print the letter in the Catholic Times !???! This letter has stirred up quite a controversy in the LaCrosse Diocese!!!

Daryl Schlesser is an intellectual German Dairy Farmer in the beautiful Waumandee Valley. He also is a 'high profile' personality within the Arcadia Deanery. Daryl also is a customer and personal friend of mine through all the years of photographing suppressed churches.

Would you please be so gracious and kind to place this on your website so other rebel Roman Catholics can enjoy!!!! 

Deviator Dan


One has to wonder why a person of Archbishop Raymond Leo Burke caliber can turn against so great a God and his beloved mother Mary? As Christ and his Apostles walked the countryside, teaching and establishing churches, Archbishop Raymond Burke has left a trail of church closings, destruction, and scattered faithful. How many tears do you think Mary has shed watching her poor, hungry, sick and homeless, as she sees millions of dollars spent on an ego shrine in LaCrosse?!?
Instead of condemning the good people of Saint Stanislaus Kostka Parish of Saint Louis, he had a “Golden Opportunity” to learn how they successfully ran the “nut and bolts” of the parish, leaving his clergy more than enough time to Minister to the faithful, so that this great church could grow beyond our wildest dreams; or are we destined to become a church driven by money, power, politics, sex and ego???

May the Triune God Bless and Save us all.
Daryl Schlesser
Arcadia, WI
Member of Saint Boniface Parish
Wumandee, Wisconsin.

"joan kiburz" <
Subject: ST. STAN'S 
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 21:54:23 -0600 

Thought you'd like to see this letter that's in the current Nat'l Catholic Reporter: 
"St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke has accomplished something extraordinary. He has escalated what should be a tolerable disagreement over the control of parish assets into one where people attending Sunday Mass at their own parish, in their native language celebrated by a duly ordained Roman Catholic priest, "sin gravely." The use of the Eucharist as a lever against liberal politicians was questionable at best. Burke, however, has sunk to a new low by holding hostage the sacraments from an entire parish and key cultural center in order to wrest property from a group of people who honestly feel that it isn't his to take. At Christmas, no less. Does an administrative dispute justify turning the Eucharist into a mortal sin? What's more, does the bishop have the moral authority to wield power in such a way? Is ours a God who would take such a move seriously? Is this the quality of leadership we expect from our archbishops? And Archbishop Burke probably thinks that the parishioners are out of control." 

Greg Bullough, Annandale, N.J.

"joan kiburz" <
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 14:38:30 -0600 
Subject: History? 

The London Times has a story, published last week, that Vatican scholars are considering 
absolving Judas of blame for Jesus' death. The scholars say the story "doesn't add up. After all, 
since Jesus was so famous, why would the Romans need an insider to betray Him to them? "
They say that Judas was made the fall guy at the end of the first century A.D., when the early 
Christian Church was competing with Judaism and needed a Jewish "hate figure." 
Further, the first Christian writings, by St. Paul, don't mention Judas at all. It isn't until the Gospel of St. John, written about 70 years after Christ's death, that Judas is blamed. 
A quote from the Vatican scholars: "Judas was simply "an innocent victim of religious persecution and racial prejudice." And of course they needed to demean women. . ."let's make Mary Magdalene a tramp!"

Makes you wonder even more about church history and Canon Law interpretation, doesn't it ?

From: "joan kiburz" <
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 19:59:40 -0600 

Why am I not surprised that STL REVIEW is again running those huge ads for GOLDEN FRONTIER in this issue? They certainly aren't getting much of their revenue in paid subscriptions! Somehow I thought with all the money that goes out from Lindell to PR types, they would have some explanation or disclaimer or denial of the things the PD printed about the priest behind Golden Frontier tours. . .but no such (!) just the ads.

Many of us were at 9am Mass last Sunday at St. Stan's and we didn't think twice about whether it was OK to receive the Eucharist from their fine priest. Afterwards most of us "broke bread" with them at the adjoining Polish Heritage Center. .... .many of us broke our carb-fast. These folks aren't into the South Beach diet! They love life and I'm sure none of them thought that their church would ever be a world-famous issue.

By the time we left, we were hugging and promising "We will return!" Many of us are planning to go again on 05 February to the 9am Mass.

Keep these fine people in your prayers. Remember it's OUR CHURCH!

Mon, 2 Jan 2006 14:59:36 -0800 (PST) 
From: "Marianne Toenjes" <
Subject: Parish organization 

During the 1940's when I was growing up in St. Francis de Sales parish, founded by German immigrants, there were four trustees, of whom my father was one, who periodically met with and advised the pastor on financial matters. I don't recall Archbishop Glennon getting involved in the parish expenditures. Apparently, the system was changed at some point with only St. Stanislaus having legal protection of their right to property. We now seem to have gotten eminent domain.

Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 17:16:19 -0600 
From: Donald Maupin <

Subject: St Stanislaus. 

It is all about power and money!  

The church is fearful of losing control of the membership because of antiquated thinking.  

I am a cradle Catholic and so very proud of what the parishioners are doing in standing up to the crazy power hungry arrogant archbishop Burk!

Barbara Borucki Maupin

Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 21:08:39 -0800 (PST) 
From: "sylvia barron" <
Subject: very well 

Dear brothers and sisters in faith, 

we have heard of your great event, it was all over the news here in Canutillo Texas, in El Paso Texas we border with Juarez Chihuahua Mexico. 

It is sad that you had been without a priest for so long but it is even more sad now to hear that some of our brothers and sisters have been banned from receiving the Lord as we all do in communion. The times are getting hard to live with Vatican II has brought about many changes, first the old parishioners who did not want to accept the change that the church went through and then the lack of priests in the United States. As you recall last year there was a great tsunami that washed away many people from the land, this too seems to be like that tsunami. 

We also see many people protesting against the priest in our towns, in our parishes and it saddens the heart to see such a fine upstanding parish demonstrate how much greater their resistance is. 

I do not understand this new father who leads you though. that is most troubling to the mind i can understand that he is Polish, yes, he must have heard about solidarity during the times when the Berlin wall was still standing. but now that we are beginning to see a new wall being built on our border i begin to wonder if he is building or tearing down. 

I do not wish to do nothing more than to let you know that you will be in my prayers, and i pray that many who have read these articles do not misunderstand. i will pray for your priest and your town and yourselves. pray for us that we may learn how to better understand what is happening in the United States so that we may all continue to do God's will. 

P.s. Please let that person who was playing the organ know that we understand and we share their pain. 

Sylvia Barron


Mon, 26 Dec 2005 22:53:20 -0600

Subject: Day of Concern! 

Why don't we get all supporters of St. Stans to send a message to Archbishop Burke. Pick a day, say February 28, 2006. The last Sunday before the season of Lent. On that day, every Catholic should hold their parish envelopes that week, and save it for the following week. I know some would say that would only hurt our local parish, I would say "This is not about money". Just hold it for one week, let Burke know we are upset by is actions and lack of diplomacy. 

If he is such a great Theologian, and expert on Cannon Law, how or why would he make decision that would lead to so many Catholics questioning and leaving their faith. He must not know how hard it is being a Catholic today! He must not sense, that this common man doesn't understand how a pedophile can be given forgiveness, and you who are trying to bring Christ to people are EXCOMMUNICATED! 

He must not understand, that some catholics will question their faith. If we follow without the ability to questions, is it a religion or a cult? If you challenge your faith, you get excommunicated? Don't tell me I must drink some special kool-aid Raymond, to go to heaven! 

Raymond, you know what? The world is round, just look back and think of all the Catholics that were excommunicated because catholics had to believe that the world was flat! 

Well, I really think the world is round! 

What do the gospels tell us, as to what commandment is the most important commandment? Honor God? That is just what Fr. Mark and those at St. Stans want to do! May God bless them! 

As this Christmas season comes to a close, may Archbishop Burke really reflect on lent, and accept a compromise with St. Stans, so all Catholics can come together, and help others find Christ in their lives!

My prayers are with you and all Catholics!

May God bless you!

From: k morris
Sent: Saturday, December 24, 2005 10:27 AM
To: roger krasnicki
Subject: Saint Stanislaus Kostka is on ALL our hearts this blessed Christmas Eve . . .

Dear Mr. Krasnicki, 

May God continue you to bless you, dear Sir, with the unwavering and exemplary strength of your considerable Christian convictions, and the wisdom of His truth. 

I thought you may be interested in one of a number of recent blogs on Yahoo! 360 sharing your beloved Parish's unfolding Christmas saga with the WEB-world, and my friends of every faith, all over our God's green earth.


K Morris, South City friend of the Saint Stanislaus Kostka parish faithful with you ALL in the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ on this magical Christmas Eve.

From: Mel Cordani" <

Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 11:42:41 -0600 

Subject: Subject to what authority? 

Is making ones self subject to the authority of a bishop required for salvation in the Church? Was the death and sacrifice of Jesus Christ freely given for all sinners, or was it surrendered to select men to hold as ransom for temporal power and authority. Was the Body and Blood of Christ freely given for the remission of all sin, or given to select men for power to lord over those they have subjugated? Has any man ever received the Body and Blood from a sinless human? Is there such a person alive on this earth? Could the hands of a sinful man ever negate the power and forgiveness in a sacrament instituted by Christ? Can you take away the laws of the church and still receive salvation through the word of God found only in scriptures, or must one also depend on the laws of man for salvation? 

The members of St Stanislaw should boldly meet in the name of God.
Any man who thinks he has control over the grace of God is a fool, and only the foolish will follow a fool. Is that not right? Why would anyone cower to a temporal power when Jesus Christ stands among them? “When you are gathered in My Name I am with you” so said Jesus Christ”. What fool pretends to have power over the word of God, and only a fool surrenders to foolish power? 

“Salvation for sale” is that not what the temporal power is saying. Surrender the property and the excommunicated members and priest will be reinstated, that is how it will be,
and that is Salvation for sale. Christ and Christ alone holds the power over salvation.


Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 14:08:06 -0600

By way of introduction: I'm Brad Leonard, a native North Countian (St. Jerome Parish 1960 - 2000), graduate of De Smet (1977) and St. Louis University (1981). 

After Archbishop Burke's move on Friday I decided to check out St. Stan's web site and it's links (where I found your page). Even though I'm not Polish, the theme of worldly,
Machiavellian clerics versus their flock is universal. I've sent a donation to the Restoration fund and plan on sending my weekly donations to St. Stan instead of my local parish where it would support an Archbishop more concerned with property and power than ministry.

Thanks and continue to do the right thing,

Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2005 20:47:47 EST
I have yet to meet one person who supports Burke.  
An agreement was signed by the then Bishop Kenrick in the 1800's.  If that is not recognized and upheld by Burke, what assurance is there that anything signed by him will be recognized and upheld by any archbishop in the future?
If nothing  else, since St Stan's has been operating in the present fashion for more than 100 years, their situation should be grandfathered in.
The Review says Burke is willing to listen and wants to resolve the situation.  That is doubtful.  If he really wanted to listen, why doesn't he meet personally with St Stan's board? -- rather than send representatives all the time and have pr persons voice his stand?
What a blessing it would have been had Bishop Gregory been assigned to our Archdiocese, coming with no agenda but to work with the people as he did going to Atlanta.
My support goes to the Board of directors and all of St. Stan's parishioners.  May they soon see a light at the end of their tunnel.  Perhaps they will be able to celebrate a glorious Easter.
My prayers are with them.

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