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             Recent news about Polish Roman Catholic Church of Saint Stanislaus Kostka 

in Saint Louis, Missouri.


Our Patron Saint Stanislaus Kostka 
Nasz Święty Patron Stanisław Kostka.


Web Pages:

Polish Roman Catholic Church of Saint Stanislaus Kostka Supporter's Web Page.

Proposed new bridge and interstate highway development in St. Stanislaus church vicinity.

Church Address: 1413 N 20th Street, St Louis, MO 63106, click here for the map...


Parish Picnic -  July 20, 2008 - St.Stanislaus Kostka Church

Boze Cialo - Corpus Christi  -  May 25, 2008 - St.Stanislaus Kostka Church celebration.

Christmas Eve Mass - December 24, A.D.2007

Oplatek,  December 16, 2007.

Poland Independence Day  - November 11, 2007 - St.Stanislaus Kostka Church.

Parish Annual Meeting -  August 12, 2007 - St.Stanislaus Kostka Church.

Parish Picnic -  July 15, 2007 - St.Stanislaus Kostka Church.

Boze Cialo - Corpus Christi  -  June 10, 2007 - St.Stanislaus Kostka Church celebration.

For Christmas Photos please see main church web page at link above. See you in 2007...

Oplatek,  December 17, 2006.

Veteran's Day Parade and Parish Picnic, November 12, 2006.

End of 125 Year Anniversary Celebration Mass, St. Stanislaus Polish Church, October 14, 2006.

Parish Annual Meeting -  August 13, 2006 - St.Stanislaus Kostka Church.

Parish Picnic -  July 16, 2006 - St.Stanislaus Kostka Church.

Boze Cialo - Corpus Christi  -  June 18, 2006 - St.Stanislaus Kostka Church celebration.

Polish Constitution Day - May 3rd. 1791 - St.Stanislaus Kostka Church Celebration 2006.

St. Stanislaus Polish Church  - First Communion, April 23, A.D. 2006.

Easter Sunday, April 16, A.D. 2006.

Holy Saturday, April 15, A.D. 2006.

Good Friday, April 14, A.D. 2006.

Holy Thursday, April 13, A.D. 2006.

Palm Sunday - April 09, A.D. 2006.

Ash Wednesday, March 1, A.D. 2006.

St. Stanislaus Polish Roman-Catholic Church

Christmas Eve Mass - December 24, A.D.2005.

St. Stanislaus Polish Church  - Oplatek - at Polish Heritage Center, St. Stanislaus Polish Church, December 18, 2005.

St. Stanislaus Polish Church November Picnic at Polish Heritage Center, St. Stanislaus Polish Church, November 13, 2005.

St. Stanislaus Polish Church 125 Year Anniversary Mass & Luncheon at Polish Heritage Center, St. Stanislaus Polish Church, October 02, 2005. 

St. Stanislaus Polish Church 125 Year Anniversary Banquet at Polish Heritage Center, St. Stanislaus Polish Church, October 01, 2005.

Annual Parish  Meeting and vote for 2 BOD members & obtaining a priest from outside Archdiocese of Saint Louis. Polish Heritage Center, St. Stanislaus Polish Church, August 14, 2005.

Annual Parish  Picnic at Polish Heritage Center, St. Stanislaus Polish Church, July 17, 2005.

Greater Saint Louis Metropolitan Area and Southern Illinois Polish Schools Graduates Reunion at Polish Heritage Center, St. Stanislaus Polish Church, June 12, 2005.

Boze Cialo - Corpus Christi  -  May 29, 2005 - St.Stanislaus Kostka Church celebration.

Anniversary - Polish Constitution Day -  May 3rd. 1791 - St.Stanislaus Kostka Church celebration.

Candle Light Prayer Vigil in front of the Cathedral Basilica in Saint Louis, March 6th, 2005.


Interpretation of the "Vatican Ruling" of Nov. 11, 2004.


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Do widzenia" - Good Bye - St. Stanislaus Church. 02/22/2013

St. Louis Archdiocese and St. Stanislaus reach settlement that makes church independent. 02/14/2013

Archdiocese response to Court Judgment of March 15. 2012. 03/15/2012

Missouri Circuit Court Judgment of March 15. 2012. 03/15/2012

St. Louis judge rules in favor of St. Stanislaus church. Post-Dispatch 03/15/2012

St. Stanislaus scrum is going to trial today. Post-Dispatch 01/11/2011

St. Stanislaus steps back from unification. Post-Dispatch 08/09/2010

St. Stanislaus letter to Carlson clouds Sunday's vote. Post-Dispatch 08/06/2010

St. Stan's pastor says he will step down if necessary. Post-Dispatch 11/23/2009

What does the Rev. Marek Bozek's laicization mean for St. Stanislaus Kostka? Post-Dispatch 03/14/2009

Pope Benedict XVI defrocks St. Stanislaus priest Marek Bozek. Post-Dispatch 03/10/2009

US cleric stripped of priestly status. The International Herald Tribune 03/10/2009

Questions about incardination answered by canon lawyer. Post-Dispatch 02/13/2009

Bozek reacts to Post-Dispatch story. Post-Dispatch 02/11/2009

Priest at St. Stanislaus Kostka creates more turmoil for St. Louis parish. Post-Dispatch 02/11/2009

Burke to be deposed by St. Stanislaus lawyers this week. Post-Dispatch 12/08/2008

Two more excommunicated at St. Stanislaus. Post-Dispatch 10/10/2008

Hero? Heretic? Parish divided.... Post-Dispatch 08/10/2008

Hearing held on St. Stanislaus St. Louis Review  08/08/2008

St. Stanislaus free to elect new board this weekend. Post-Dispatch 08/07/2008

More St. Stanislaus members reconcile with Catholic Church
Group files lawsuit to return church to the archdiocese
St. Louis Review  07/25/2008

Lawsuit could resolve dispute. Post-Dispatch 07/24/2008

Archdiocese sues St. Stanislaus. Post-Dispatch 07/23/2008

Excommunication dropped for one St. Stan's board member.Post-Dispatch 06/08/2008

Excommunicated St. Stanislaus member reconciles with Archbishop Burke St. Louis Review  06/06/2008

St. Stan board votes to dissolve itself. Post-Dispatch 06/06/2008

After Vatican defeat, St. Stan's looks to the fringe. Post-Dispatch 05/29/2008

Burke bans canon lawyer from archdiocese... Associated Press 04/12/2008

Extra-Judicial Decree St. Louis Review  04/11/2008

Archbishop Burke declares two more St. Stanislaus board members excommunicated.. Post-Dispatch 03/18/2008

Archbishop formally seeks dismissal of excommunicated priest in St. Louis. The International Herald Tribune 03/08/2008

Reverend Marek B. Bozek letter to parishioners and friends  03/07/2008

Decree of Extra-Judicial Adjudication in the matter of the Reverend Marek Bogusław Bozek  St. Louis Review  03/07/2008

Recalcitrant priest faces Church sanctions...  St. Louis Review  03/07/2008

In a face-off with authority, Polish priest stands to be defrocked. National Catholic Reporter, 2/ 22/ 2008.

No Resolution in Dispute Over Mo. Church.  Associated Press 02/05/2008

St. Stan pastor offers Burke a deal.... Post-Dispatch 02/05/2008

Archbishop Burke seeks laicization for renegade Polish priest. CWN 01/17/2008

Archbishop wants St. Stan priest defrocked. Post-Dispatch 01/15/2008

Burke warns new St. Stan board members. Post-Dispatch 11/06/2007

St. Louis Prelate Aims to Bring Flock in Line.  www.Washington 05/29/2007

St. Stanislaus grows despite diocese fight.  12/31/2006

Pope picks Burke for church court. Post-Dispatch 07/11/2006

Whispers in the Loggia  07/08/2006

A conversation with the Rev. Marek Mozek  04/05/2006

Parish fights archbishop to stay alive!  Chicago Tribune 03/26/2006

Controversy follows Marek Bozek from Poland to St. Louis  Post-Dispatch 02/18/2006

Bozek finds hope in meeting with bishop..  02/17/2006

Archbishop meets with St. Stanislaus' priest  Post-Dispatch 02/14/2006

OPEN LETTER TO THE ARCHDIOCESE OF ST. LOUIS.  Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church 01/20/2006 Very interesting!!! Very interesting!!! Very interesting!!!

Rozmowa z ks. Markiem Bożkiem.  (in Polish)  01/16/2006

Trzech Króli w Missouri.  (in Polish)  01/16/2006

Schizma.  (in Polish)  Fakty i Mity  01/15/2006

Priest's actions are morally right.  01/13/2006

St. Stanislaus Holds First Sunday Mass Since Receiving Notification Of Suppression.KSDK TV NewsChannel Five  01/08/2006

Church still reeling from Bozek's move.  01/08/2006

St. Stanislaus loses its standing as a parish! Post-Dispatch 01/07/2006

St. Stanislaus removed from church  01/07/2006

Archbishop says church will resist judge's ruling  01/06/2005 Very interesting!!!

St. Stanislaus out of Catholic church! Post-Dispatch 01/06/2006

Archbishop ends St. Stanislaus' status as parish in archdiocese

Kansas City Star 01/06/2006

Rozmowa z ks. Markiem Bożkiem (in Polish)  Gazeta  01/05/2006

Finances outrank love, outreach.  01/03/2006

Assets ruling favors abuse plaintiffs!  12/31/2005 Very interesting!!!

Burke's actions are not godly!  12/29/2005

Excommunicate at Christmas? If archbishop had a wife! Post-Dispatch 12/26/2005

Winding path to St. Stanislaus  Post-Dispatch 12/25/2005

Hundreds attend "illicit" Mass in St. Louiss! Kansas City Star 12/24/2005

Large turnout expected for "illicit" Mass in St. Louis! 12/24/2005

Defiant church celebrates Mass on Christmas Eve!  Post-Dispatch 12/24/2005

Taking sacraments sinful, (!!!) not schismatic!  Post-Dispatch 12/24/2005

Wall Street Journal Letters to the Editor.   Wall Street Journal 12/24/2005

Bishops suspend priest hired by St. Louis lay-run parish  National Catholic Reporter, 12/23/2005

St. Stanislaus Expects 800-Plus At Christmas Eve Mass  Webster-Kirkwood Times, 12/23/2005

New pastor arrives at St. Stanislaus!  Post-Dispatch 12/22/2005

Out of Line A Catholic Parish Pays High Price For Independence. 

Wall Street Journal 12/20/2005

Local Catholics React To St. Stan Punishment.  KSDK TV NewsChannel Five  12/18/2005

Service as usual for St. Stanislaus.  Post-Dispatch 12/18/2005

Board and priest have been excommunicated!  Post-Dispatch 12/17/2005

Lawyers Want to Question Vatican Official  Associated Press 12/16/2005

Burke excommunicates St. Stan board!  Post-Dispatch 12/16/2005

Defiant priest joins St. Stanislaus!    Post-Dispatch 12/03/2005 

St. Stanislaus hires new priest!   Post-Dispatch 12/02/2005 

Vote may have exiled 6 on board at church.   Post-Dispatch 08/16/2005 

Want to buy a church???   Post-Dispatch 06/09/2005 

Polish archbishop remembers long association with pope.    Post-Dispatch 04/06/2005 

Despite Order, Church Celebrates Easter.  KPLR 03/27/ 2005

Parish  brings in priest for Holy Week   KMOV-TV 03/23/2005

The St. Louis Journalism Review    March  2005

400 are losing jobs with archdiocese.    Post-Dispatch 03/15/2005 

Both sides in dispute remain deadlocked.    Post-Dispatch 03/14/2005     

Vatican official seeks mediator in St. Stan. dispute.   Post-Dispatch  03/07/2005 

Rome may intervene in St. Stanislaus fight.   KMOV-TV 03/07/2005

Letters to the editor: Pick your pew.   Oakville-Mehlville Journal 03/02/2005

Burke moves Polish Masses permanently.      Post-Dispatch 02/26/2005

7 Catholic churches will close in south city.   Post-Dispatch 02/25/2005

Archdiocese Consolidation.    KPLR 02/23/ 2005

Polish parish. It’s rich, vibrant.  National Catholic Reporter, October 1, 2004


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