Reverend Marek B. Bozek letter to parishioners and friends.

St. Louis, March 7, 2008.

Dear Parishioners and Friends!

I do encourage you to read a document that definitely will not be entertaining, but it is necessary that we all know what Archbishop Burke is saying and how he is saying those things. Please read the Decree of Extra-Judicial Adjudication In the matter of the Reverend Marek Bogusław Bozek -

What a reading! I doubt that an average Catholic person will be able to understand half of the vocabulary that is being used in the Decree of Extra-Judicial Adjucation issued by Archbishop Burke. Of course, I have been assured by my canon lawyer, Rev. Thomas P. Doyle, that none of those crimes/delicts would stand in a fair and just process. However, since it is the very much involved Archbishop Burke who issues the sentence, one cannot expect anything fair nor just. He writes, "with only God before my eyes, I, by this my definitive sentence, consigned to writing, declare and pronounce, by reason of my lawful exercise of jurisdiction, the quality and preponderance of the proofs, which are extant in the acts of the case, and with moral certitude that the Reverend Marek Bogusław Bozek is guilty of having committed all of the delicts." With sadness I have to say again - I was right refusing to subject myself to this parody of a legal process where the involved party finds himself issuing judgments "with only God" before his eyes. Heavens, you see that and yet there is no strike? (Hold on, the Catholic Center actually was struck by a lightning on the day of my first hearing, Feb. 5, 2008.)

Remember the Boston Tea Party a long time ago? Back then, we the people who defined ourselves as born free and equal, decided that we shall not be "subjects" of any King or Queen anymore. Well, it seems to me that we need another Tea Party these days! Did you notice that the Archbishop refers to the faithful Catholics as "subjects of the Apostolic See or an Ordinary?" Speaking of ideas of grandeur! His majesty, the Ordinary Archbishop, seems to believe that every Catholic in the St. Louis Archdiocese is indeed His Majesty's "subject!" I do not know about you, but I do not consider myself a "subject".

Another interesting point is his usage of the really old laws of the Church. In the paragraph describing my "grievous crime of simony" he is citing the rules from the "Codex Iuris Canonici Pio-Benedictinus" - which means from the Code of Canon Law that was published in 1917 and was replaced by the new Code of Canon Law in 1983. I guess that we should not bother with the present law, let's go back to those "good old days!" Just in case you think it means going back only to 1917, the Archbishop makes sure that you will know it is not the case - in the same paragraph, he is using the Decree of the Holy Office (the Inquisition) from March 2, 1679! Now we all know why the language of this document is so hard to understand, it is based on the language and theology that was used back in the 17th century!

What a sad day it is indeed for us Catholics in the Saint Louis Archdiocese. For some reason we are faced with a man in the position of authority, but no credibility, a man with an overgrown ego, but with no compassion or pastoral experience, a man with many strange words, but nothing relevant to say. What a sad day indeed.


PS. For those of you not familiar yet with the Vision that I presented to my Parishioners you can read it on our Parish website at