Burke warns new St. Stan board members.

By Tim Townsend

St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke has warned two recently-elected members of the St. Stanislaus Kostka Church board that by joining the church’s leadership they have committed an act of schism, and he has summoned them to the Catholic Center on Lindell to defend themselves.

Stan Rozanski, 59 of south St. Louis County and Bernice Krauze, 65 of south St. Louis received letters Friday telling them the Rev. Thomas Doyle, their choice of a canon lawyer to represent them before Burke, had been rejected by the archbishop. Instead, Burke assigned them legal representation from within the archdiocese.

Rozanski and Krauze were elected to the St. Stanislaus board in August after the retirement of two of the original Stanislaus Six — board members who Burke declared excommunicated in late 2005 after a prolonged battle over the church’s property and assets.

The archdiocese's judicial vicar, the Rev. John Shamleffer, said the letters were meant to inform Rozanski and Krauze about "the consequences of their decision, and reevaluate whether this is something they really want to do."

The purpose of excommunication, he said, "is to show what the serious results of your actions are. The hopeful remedy is that they would remove themselves from the board. Excommunication is more a desire for healing, not to kick somebody out."

Shamleffer said all future directors at St. Stanislaus would face similar consequences.

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