Interpretation of the "Vatican Ruling" of Nov. 11, 2004

The Decree issued by the Congregation for the Clergy in November 2004 was reviewed by the attorneys for the Parish. They agreed that it was not a decision based upon the merits (facts) of the case as presented in the petition for relief. It merely referred to the fact that the Congregation for the Clergy arbitrarily chose not to recognize the Board of Directors as the legitimate representatives of the people and therefore any petition filed by the Directors through attorney Krasnicki would not be recognized. 
The cover letter, which is not a legal document or part of the Decree, went beyond that document and gratuitously stated that the Parish should follow the order of Abp. Burke. 
As such neither the Decree nor the cover letter can be relied upon as an order of the Holy See upholding Abp. Burke’s decision as so often proclaimed by the Archdiocese.

Roger C. Krasnicki,