Finances outrank love, outreach.

Readers' Letters Published Thursday, January 03, 2006. 


Finances outrank love, outreach.
It saddens my heart to learn what has happened to cause Father Marek Bozek to leave St. Agnes Cathedral to go to St. Stanislaus in St. Louis, and to wonder why it all had to happen.
Father Marek tried to help the congregation of St. Stanislaus by arranging special Polish Mass here in Springfield. That seemed to me to be an effort to reach out to those people in their time of conflict and to keep them in the church. Special masses in languages besides English are common in this diocese.

The abrupt manner in which that special Mass was canceled suggests to me that the hierarchy of this archdiocese is more concerned with rigid control of a church's finances than outreach or love of its parishioners.

I would predict the archdiocese's actions will not succeed by any capitulation of the St. Stanislaus congregation.

Thelma Hornaday, Springfield.