Priest's actions are morally right.


Published Friday, January 13, 2006.

Priest's actions are morally right.

It is understandable that Bishop John Leibrecht, all priests from St. Agnes Church and many parishioners are deeply saddened and frustrated with the Rev. Marek Bozek's decision to undertake a new job at St. Stanislaus Church in St. Louis.

I empathize with the Rev. David Hulshof's disappointment. Father David was Marek Bozek's teacher and mentor. As he said, the church provided for all Marek's needs and guidance to become a priest, gave him pastoral experience and along with many parishioners made him feel at home in numerous ways. Today, many of them feel betrayed.

I have known Marek Bozek since 2000, when he arrived in Springfield. I see him as an intelligent person who knows how to figure things out quickly and is full of passion.

When I heard about his decision to move to St. Stanislaus, I was initially shocked. But when I learned about the situation at St. Stanislaus Church, I was impressed with his decision.

Fifteen years ago I had the chance to get to know St. Stanislaus Church. It is a beautiful sanctuary where you can feel the spirit of God and the Polish Catholic culture. When I found out this beautiful church had been without a priest for so long and the parishioners without sacraments, I understood Father Bozek's decision and without any hesitation called him and left him a message expressing my sincere support.

Ever since, I have tried to stay updated and to read more news from different sources. Some of these sources have said certain things about Father Bozek, which put some doubt in my mind.

But it did not take long for me to make up my mind. Regardless of what I may read about him or his actions, it is of no comparison to what he is doing now for the people of God.

He serves his people as Christ did. He serves the people who were thirsty for God and thirsty for the sacraments but were deprived of them. Father Marek Bozek and his actions are morally far above of those who stripped these people of their church service.
Anna Jedrzejewski, Springfield, immigrated from Poland in 1982.