Burke's actions are not godly.

Readers' Letters Published Thursday, December 29, 2005. 


Burke's actions are not godly.

A rose to Father Marek Bozek and St. Stanislaus. I would like to extend to Father Bozek and his new parish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. What a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of Christ.
A thorn to Archbishop Raymond Burke for his actions concerning St. Stanislaus. The control given to St. Stanislaus (not the archdiocese) of its assets was designated over 100 years ago and now the archbishop wants to change the rules. When the archbishop didn't get his way, he tried to strong-arm St. Stanislaus. And when that did not work, he chose excommunication as his weapon.
His actions do not seem like the work of God, but rather of man. Man's rules and therefore churches' rules will never trump God's will. I doubt that God would see a group of worshippers coming together to celebrate his son's birth and taking part in communion as a mortal sin. I can think of other recent revelations in the Catholic Church which seem better qualified to be mortal sins.

I guess the obvious question is "What Would Jesus Do?" As a Catholic, I believe Jesus would be in St. Stanislaus worshipping with Father Bozek and his flock.

Andrea Smith, Springfield